• Aug 26, 2014


Before anybody can start proceedings other than for an Order by Agreement people who want to litigate now have to see a Mediator to consider the various different options to resolve a family difference other than the Court process.  This includes the Collaborative process where the lawyers meet with their respective clients in four-way meetings to try and negotiate a way forward and also by the Mediation process.

  • Aug 26, 2014


There has also been a change in the wording and meaning of arrangements for children.  Just as the Courts and legal people used to use custody and access then changed to residence and contact we now have children arrangements.  Enshrined in the law is a principle that it is presumed that children will benefit from the proper input of both parents.  The Court now has a duty to hear matters concerning children sooner rather than later and are trying to make Final Orders as quickly as possible.  There was always the balance between dealing with something thoroughly and expeditiously.

  • May 19, 2014


There has been a shake-up in the Family Court and the Courts are now unified so that we don’t have County Courts and Magistrates Courts.  In the Collaborative process Courts are only approached for Orders by Agreement and under the new rules since the 22nd April fresh forms and amended procedures have to be used.  The lawyers in this group are familiar with these changes and can help you try and reach a successful negotiated outcome.

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